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The Language of Jewelry Design

Terms to help you communicate your dreams to your jeweler
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“I really enjoyed your book, Language of Jewelry Design. It will be especially helpful to consumers, and provides them with some important distinctions and wise counsel.”
~ Antionette Matlins, internationally respected gem and jewelry expert, author, and lecturer.

How To Buy a Wedding Ring for the One You Love – From diamond selection to whether to include your future wife in on the design process, Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold breaks down the wedding ring buying process step by step. Read article.

How to Choose a Jeweler – Read articles by Calla Gold on How to Choose Your Jeweler and 12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Jeweler on her blog Jewelry Without Walls.

The Glossary of Jewelry Design – A comprehensive resource of jewelry terms to help you better understand and communicate your dreams.
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Jewelry Without Walls Blog

Calla Gold dishes honest, helpful jewelry advice and shares moving stories on her blog Jewelry Without Walls. » Read Calla’s blog

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