Nov 18

12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Jeweler

By Calla Gold

Calla Gold and ClientWho’s Going to Be Your Next Jeweler?

When I blogged about How to Choose Your Jeweler, I looked at the 8 types of Jewelers. As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, this is how I see it. If I’ve left out questions you feel should be here for more completeness let me know. Now it’s time to ask yourself some questions to help you make a great choice. Who’s going to be your next Jeweler?

The Twelve Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Jeweler

  1. Does the Jeweler listen to you? Does he really get what you have to say?
  2. How long has the Jeweler been in business and what are the chances that they’ll still be there five years from now? Will they be around if your ring needs fixing?
  3. Do they repair jewelry? If so, how skilled are they? Would you trust them to repair your inherited diamond ring from your mom? Can they match the antique diamonds from your aunt?
  4. Do they treat your jewelry that needs repair with respect? Or say it can’t be done and try to sell you something else?
  5. Does the staff seem knowledgeable?
  6. Can you trust them with some of your most valuable gemstones?
  7. Can they speak about different kinds of settings? Different kinds of gems and their properties?
  8. Are they a truly Personal Jeweler? If they don’t have what you want, will they search for it and show you samples at a later date? Will they go that extra mile to help you get what you really want? Or are they just trying to sell the jewelry they stock in the display case?
  9. Can they design and make custom pieces of jewelry? Can they make something from a sketch you drew on a napkin while you ate at the Olive Garden?
  10. Is the Jeweler nice? Is he or she personable? Do you enjoy interacting with him or her?
  11. Will they readily recommend another Jeweler if they can’t provide you with what you need? Or do they put down and malign the other Jewelers in the area?
  12. If you had a sad and broken piece of antique jewelry or inherited jewelry with a small, antique diamond, would your Jeweler respect it or tell you to melt it and buy something else? Find a Jeweler who’ll respect meaningful and sentimental jewelry, because when you love it, it’s priceless.

Find a Jeweler Your Friend Trusts

Ask your friends if they can recommend a trustworthy Jeweler – especially someone who’s jewelry you admire. Where did they get that amazing ring? Who set that fabulous amethyst? Who re-sizes their rings?

Find a Jeweler You Trust

Trusting and having a great relationship with a Jeweler gives you a good feeling. If you don’t feel right with someone go somewhere else.

What About a Jealous Jeweler?

A truly wonderful Jeweler is not a jealous Jeweler. A great Jeweler never gives you a sad face if you’ve bought jewelry elsewhere. Your Jeweler should be excited to see the jewelry you’d like work done on, changed or cared for, whether it’s from them, their competition or some fabulous trip you took.

The Internet Can Help

Search online in your local area for good Jewelers. Look for reviews on Google Local or other review of business sites. If the Jeweler you are looking into is on Facebook as a business, you can see what people have to say about them on line. You do not have to be a member of Facebook to see their public business page. Read the comments written by people who go to their page. See what they do and what their reputation is. Local business review sites also often have comments about the jeweler you are looking into.

Go Forth, Choose a Great Jeweler, and Have a Decorated Life!

7 thoughts on “12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Jeweler

  1. Wow,Calla! You had a lot of information to think about when looking for a personal jeweler! I wouldn’t have thought of all those aspects, but what a great help! And you know what? YOU have all those positive attributes! I pick YOU again, and again, and again…

  2. This is such a great blog Calla. I am going to make sure all my male friends know to use you as a resource.

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