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Pearls Must Be Knotted! Or Pearl Restringing with Knots

By Calla Gold

You Must Obey the Pearl

Pearl Necklace After Restring Job

Pearl Necklace Just After Restringing With Knots. Click on Picture to See up Close

I love pearls. I live and do my Jewelry thing in Santa Barbara, right next to the ocean. I’m required by law to love pearls. I love that they’re organic and come from living creatures from the sea. No other gemstone is like a pearl. They’re totally unique. And as pearls are unique, they require special care.

Naturally Fragile

The outer surface of pearls is called nacre. It’s shiny and what gives pearls their luster. Unfortunately, it’s a bit porous and scratches easily. Pearl restringing with knots between each pearl separates them and keeps them from scratching against each other.

Fresh Knots Keep the Pearls from Rubbing Against Each Other

Fresh Knots Keep the Pearls from Rubbing Against Each Other

If your necklace breaks, the knots also keeps all the pearls from sliding off all at once. Which would not be good in the middle of a crowded dance floor!

Pearl Restringing With Knots at Every Pearl

Even good, white, silk stringing string wears out over time.  Knots eventually stretch out, abrade, fade, and get dirty. Don’t let this happen! New white knots next to your pearls not only secure your precious little gemstones, the contrast enhances their beauty.

If you think your pearl necklace or bracelet is looking old…restring it!

Safety Knots for Little Pearls

Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace with Pink Tourmaline center piece

Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace with Safety Knots

If pearls are very small, individual knots between each pearl aren’t aethetically pleasing or practical. Usually what we do in this case is add a small knot every half dozen pearls or so.

Hinky, Jinky, Just-Strung Pearls

Sometimes pearls necklaces hang funny after they’ve been restrung.  Don’t dispair, this is normal. The knots are simply new and tight and will relax after they’ve hung for a while.

Wrapping it Up

Now you know why this Santa Barbara Jeweler insists on knotting your pearls instead of just using some fishing line. Remember the law, “Love Your Pearls!”

Calla Gold

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9 thoughts on “Pearls Must Be Knotted! Or Pearl Restringing with Knots

  1. Couldn’t agree more – although I do use a fine good quality nylon which I knot when pearls are too heavy for silk!

  2. Thank you for your amazing jewelry blog, do you have twitter, facebook or something similar where I can follow your blog? And designs?


    • Hi Sandra, My twitter handle is SB Jeweler and I’m on Facebook under Calla Gold Jewelry. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting my blog. Come again!
      Calla Gold

  3. When stringing and knotting grey pearls is white silk appropriate or should I use a shade of grey? Just discovered your blog and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.


    • Mary,
      I’m a big fan of using color appropriate silk stringing string when re-stringing colored pearls.
      For fun if you want to jazz up your pearls try re-stringing them with black thread, it gives them quite a rock and roll “new” look.
      For a great overall look your grey pearls will show up nicer with a grey stringing string.
      Mary thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again!
      Calla Gold

  4. I always emailed this weblog post to all my
    friends, as if I like to read about pearls being knotted then my friends links will too. Your educational posts about jewelry are simple and understandable. This is the best jewelry blog for learning more about jewelry. I hope a lot of people have discovered it like me.

    • Thank you for writing Antonio. I’m so glad you like my jewelry blog. That’s very nice of you to share it with friends. More and more people have been sharing it and my visit numbers are growing. Thanks for your help and good wishes!
      Calla Gold

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