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Fix Your Jewelry!

By Calla Gold

Huge wrench and dude

Fix Your Jewelry

You Don’t have to be a Plumber to Fix a Ring

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Fix Your Jewelry! Like any other chore, this jewelry fixing jeweler has seen how easy it it to put it off.

At some point, though, you just have to bite the bullet and make it happen. And if those weren’t enough figures of speech for you, here’s another one. Broken jewelry is like the leaky faucet you’ve been pestering your husband to take care of for the last six months.

You’re wasting water! Drip, drip, drip. Or with jewelry you’re wasting sparkle!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Two Women Talking about a Ring

Calla Explaining to Lisa the Jewelry Fixing Technique for Her Grandmother's Ring

Don’t worry that you don’t know the first thing about how to fix a broken gold chain. Or how to size a ring properly. Or how to fix a broken prong and re-set a diamond.

Don’t worry! Just call the plumber! No…wait…call the plumber for the leaky faucet. Call a jeweler to fix your jewelry!

Don’t Put Off Fixing Your Jewelry

You’ve all heard of the couple that waited their whole lives to take their dream vacation, only to realize they were too old and infirm when the time came to finally go.

man's wedding ring

This Ring Needed Polishing and Re-Oxidizing

Just as they should have flown to Italy years ago, you should fix your engagement ring now! If you fix it pronto (Italian for really fast!), you’ll get to wear and show it off for decades to come!

If you wait until you’re eighty…you might not have so long.


Here’s another thing. You know how you regularly launder your clothes and visit the dry cleaners? Clothes get dirty. They always have. They always will. And guess what? So does jewelry!

Wedding Band with Oxidation

Polished and Re-Oxidized it Brings Back the Happy Memories of Their Wedding Day

Your rings and bracelets get ring-around-the-collar, too! Get ‘em professionally cleaned and polished periodically. You’ll be amazed at the difference. More often than not, they’ll come back looking better than new.

Cleavage and Broken Jewelry

And speaking of clothing… if you loose a button, you sew on a new one. You wouldn’t walk around with your blouse gapping open half way down your chest, right?

A little cleavage is okay, but… Likewise, I’d feel more than a little uncomfortable wearing my wedding ring with a missing diamond. I’d get that sucker fixed fast!

Fixing Jewelry and Flat Tires

Flattened Prongs on Peridot Ring

This Ring's Flat Tire was Worn and Flattened Prongs. Ready to Break

Here’s another great analogy for you guys. If you got a flat tire, you wouldn’t continue motoring around, much less park your treasured car in the far recesses of your garage and never drive it again.

You’d fix that tire! Fast! Or replace it. But never drive your car again? You wouldn’t even consider it. But some jewelry gets broken and parked in that dark garage for years.

No Excuses!

Yellow Gold Peridot Ring

Re-Built Prongs Fixed This Dangerous to Wear Ring

So…guys. There’s really no excuse for not fixing your wedding ring. It’s too tight? Too big? Cracked? Scratched and dull looking? No excuses! Fix your jewelry!

And girls? Like the drippy faucet, if he’s still dragging his feet on getting his wedding ring fixed, fix it yourself! Pick up the phone and call your plumber. I mean …jeweler.

Full Disclosure

Yep, I do all kinds of jewelry fixing and I’d love to hear from you and fix your jewelry!

Jewelry Fixing Jeweler,
Calla Gold

4 thoughts on “Fix Your Jewelry!

  1. Sometimes you just gotta have someone yank your attention and say “do it!” So thanks Calla for being that jeweler.
    I know I have jewelry that needs fixing. Amazingly enough I am missing a tiny diamond from my wedding ring and have been for a month or so.
    Why am I waiting? Because I want to ruin more Nylons?
    No, so thanks for this timely post.

    • Sue,
      Thanks for your response. You definitely made me laugh that you have that wedding ring with the diamond missing. I guess I wrote that post for you!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  2. Like most things in life the question, “What are you waiting for?” is a great question to ask. I am going to reflect on that in regards to a few things, in addition to fixing my jewelry. Thanks for the reminder Calla!
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

    • Dr. Lynn,
      I love that you look at this post and see a greater horizon to the question, “What are you waiting for?”
      I’d think, waiting to fix your jewelry, you’d think waiting to confront that issue in your business.
      Thanks for your viewpoint!
      Calla Gold

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