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  1. Am in Australia. Have just heard about this option to be able to again wear wedding,Engagement & Eternity rings. Sounds great, as I don’t expect arthritic fingers are suddenly going to improve! Do you sell direct to me so i can have local jeweller fit?At what price? Look forward to reply.

    • Hello Vynn,
      Most of my out of state clients mail me their ring after we’ve established their size. If they have a large center diamond they are concerned about I have them remove it before shipping and have it reset in their town once I’ve sent it back with the new shank on it.
      This hinged shank makes such a difference to my clients. I’ve had clients cry when they see they can wear their wedding ring again.
      Vynn would you be so kind as to email me at calla@callagold.com and tell me your email address? I’ll find out if there are jewelers in Australia who do this work. Putting the hinged shank on your ring is skilled work and requires special tools. Therefore I can’t just sent a hinged shank and have just anybody put it on.
      I also have to evaluate the structural integrity of the balance of your ring. If it will bend a bit in response to the tension of the hinged shank I need to install a strengthening bridge to the top half of your ring. It’s not visible to others easily, but makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the mechanism.
      I look forward to hearing from you Vynn!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

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