Apr 14

Gems of Wisdom: Oscar Wilde and Opals in 18kt Yellow Gold Bezel Setting

By Calla Gold

"The sky was pure opal now." Oscar Wilde and Opal in 18kt gold bezel setting

“The sky was pure opal now.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde is probably best known for his outlandish way of dressing and making a point. It was for this reason that upon coming to the United States he was easily recognized and became an instant celebrity. In 1888, his literary talent was finally given recognition with “The Happy Prince and Other tales”.

Another piece “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in 1890 was also a hit, and still is to this day. Controversy surrounded this piece as it was believed to be an attack on the hypocrisy seen in England, as well as containing homosexual content which was considered illegal by England.

Wilde was married with children, but lived his private life as a homosexual. In fact, due to this side relationship with a young aristocrat, Wilde was sentenced to two years’ hard labor for being homosexual. When he was released from prison, he was run down and poor. He later died in Paris.

Today, we can attribute Wilde with being one of the first people to stand up against the regulations that the government tried to put on a person. In addition, he has always been, and will always be, a showcase the homosexual community to use as a sign of what never needs to happen again due to sexual preference.

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