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Wedding Band – Jewelry Definition

By Calla Gold

wedding-band-calla-gold-jewelry-definitionA wedding band —also known as a wedding ring— is a ring worn on the left hand ring finger and signify that the wearer is married.

A band style ring is the same width all the way around.

They can be worn alone or in concert with an engagement ring for women. They can be simple gold bands, as is the case with most men’s wedding rings, or they can be intricate and elaborate and set with fabulous gemstones.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Band – Jewelry Definition

  1. What do you happen to know about women wearing only wedding bands, or continuing to wear only their engagement ring even after getting married? I’ve seen this a lot more lately, and am wondering if this is a trend? Is the double ring for women going out of style, or maybe just a preference? Expense?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hello Goddard Company,
      The tradition is the two ring set, especially for the symbolism of the ceremony. That said many women choose a single ring or choose to solder the two rings together because the comfort of wearing a single ring is wanted.
      I wear a single ring and always have. In my case the part of my finger behind my knuckle has always been smaller and two rings clank around on my finger. I see most of the single ring requests if I’m looking for a trend in women over 30.
      Thank you for your interesting question.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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