Jul 12

Dear Calla, Why Can’t I (a Man) Wear an Engagement Ring?

By Calla Gold

groom showing off his wedding band to his excited male friendsDear Calla,

I’m a guy and I work in food services and I get hit on by the new hostess. I’ve told everyone that I’m engaged and she’s not getting it. Why can’t I just wear my wedding band while engaged and get this gal off my case?

– Ringless and Stalked

girl proposing to her boyfriend

My client Elyse recently proposed to her man and he’s happily wearing his mangagement ring.

Dear Stalked,

Well that is a new one. For the record you definitely may wear your ring while engaged. It’s called a mangagement ring and it is a thing.

The only thing is this hostess. I can’t guarantee that the wedding ring will put her off. Let’s hope. Years ago when my husband was a waiter there was a hostess who just went after the married fellas. This made me a bit uncomfortable, but then I trust him so it became a joke. “Oh, you came home!” “Yes I managed to resist her for another day!”

Then she moved on and we made up new jokes.

May you have a long and happy marriage.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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