Aug 3

Dear Calla: Twisted and Sad Ring and Big Knuckles

By Calla Gold

Big Knuckles Allow Your Ring to SpinDear Calla,

I always wear wide bands that sit low on my hand because I have large knuckles and my other rings just fall over on my hand.  This can lead to me being jabbed by the prongs! Ouch.

Well my nice husband just bought me a pretty sapphire ring and for the first week after I had it sized as tightly as possible it spent most of its time on the side on my finger.

Now I’m not wearing it and my husband looks sad. I love his gift, but it’s just not fitting. What do I do? Masking tape? One of my friends just gave me a glob of playdoh. Really?

– Twisted and sad


Fingermate hinging shank on ladies diamond ringDear Twisted,

You’re not alone in your large knuckle and ring troubles. It looks like you could use a Finger Mate hinging shank. I’ve blogged about them and encourage you to read about how the hinge opens over your knuckle and snugly shuts behind the knuckle giving you a comfortable fit.

Your Personal Jeweler,


2 thoughts on “Dear Calla: Twisted and Sad Ring and Big Knuckles

  1. This is a really big problem for the woman with arthritis. Or sports injuries. I’m glad you’re showing what to do about it.

    • Hi Tracey,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this information.
      May your fingers ever stay small knuckled!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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