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Dear Calla, My Tungsten Ring’s Laser Engraving Came Off

By Calla Gold

tungsten ring with laser engraving worn off after 1 year

Engraving Worn Off

Dear Calla,

I’ve been married for a year and I’m just now finding your blog about not buying Titanium and Tungsten for wedding bands.

Well it turns out I didn’t even have to wait for my finger to change sizes to find my wedding band unsatisfactory.

new tungsten ring with laser engarving

Tungsten and Pretty Celtic Laser Engraving When New

I chose it because I liked the Celtic knot design because I’m part Irish. It was inexpensive.

My wife thinks it looks awful. I was going to order another one, but she says it’ll do the same thing. Will it?
Can I get a gold ring with a Celtic design put on it? And what kind of engraving did they use, because I don’t want that kind.

These Irish Eyes aren’t Lyin’

rose gold with hand engraving and black rhodium centerDear Irish,

The design that came off would probably do so again. I’m guessing that you work with your hands.
The engraving style used was laser engraving. Which is not a bad thing, I have used laser engraving as one of my engraving tools.

I’m pleased that your wife would like you to have a better ring. All kinds of designs can be worked into a gold ring. Here’s a Norwegian Rosemaling design in a rose gold wedding band. This was done with hand engraving. The darkening effect was created with black rhodium plating.

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