Mar 15

Dear Calla – Birthday Ring Turned Torture Device

By Calla Gold

Bad setting gems stick out the bottom 2Dear Calla,

I received a gift ring on my birthday. I really love it, but. There’s always a but, right? What I like about it is how low to my hand it is. I’m a nurse and I wear gloves all the time. That’s what I asked for. But, the gems pokey bottom scraps my finger, multiple times a day. Is that how rings are usually made?

I know the jeweler where my BF bought it. Should I go in and see if they can do anything? Did they do it on purpose? Is that a thing? Gems that dig into your finger to remind you of something?

Thank you,

Bloody Finger

Bad Setting gems stick out the bottomDear Bloody,

That is not a thing except, there’s always an except right? Certain spiritual guides tell their followers individually what gemstone will help them. They want to gem to touch the skin, just barely, not painfully. I’m sure it’s to heal emotional pain or something, not drag gouges across the finger like yours does.

The pictures I’m showing are an epic fail in the jewelry design field. And reflect on the intelligence of the diamond setter that he didn’t think, “Hmm this looks like it might be a tad uncomfortable.” Nope he spent hours setting each diamond just so.

I’d talk to the jeweler and explain the problem. My guess, he or she will quietly make it right.

Your Personal Jeweler,


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