Aug 23

Dear Calla, I Bent My Eternity Band!

By Calla Gold

dented eternity bandDear Calla,

I was wrestling with the stroller and something went terribly wrong and I had a devil of a time getting my ring off. Then I saw that it was way bent up. I’m freaking out. My ring has diamonds all the way around. Can it come back from this? It’s not just bent, but doing a little side to side yawing if you get me.

~ Wrestling with Diamonds

fixed eternity bandDear Wrestling,

I guess I’ll have to add wrestling with strollers to my list that includes lifting at the gym, of activities that can be detrimental to your wedding rings.

Thanks for the pictures. There is some pretty spectacular bending and yawing going on there for sure. I do think it can be fixed.

Your ring turned out to be thin so this may happen again, but for now it is straight as train tracks and round as the moon. And looking good.

Your Personal Jeweler

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