Apr 19

Dear Calla – Are Gold Casting Grains Gluten Free?

By Calla Gold

gold casting grains in bucketDear Calla,

Just because I’m curious I’m asking you this question. I am getting a ring made by my friend and he says he’s going to use gold casting grains. What? I’m a gluten free eater and I’m sure there isn’t actual grain in gold. Right?

Can I see a picture of these little kernels that’ll turn into my ring?

Will there be gluten in my ring?

– Gluten Free

gold casting grains in bagDear Gluten free,

There is no grain in gold. Gold casting grain is the fresh gold newly mixed with the alloy metals that strengthen the gold enough for jewelry making. This is the form they use in preparing for casting.

They use this size so it melts quickly, and because it is easy to measure out to track how much the jeweler needs.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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