Apr 26

Dear Calla – Puzzled Ring in Peoria

By Calla Gold

unraveled allen puzzle ringDear Calla,

I wore this ring for years and then I took it off. Why I don’t know. Somewhere in the intervening years it got all messed up. I bent it up trying to put it back together so now it’s really messed up. Should I just get gold credit for it and give up? Or can someone put it back together? No jeweler in my little town can. Can anyone do it?

Puzzled in Peoria

allen puzzle ringDear Puzzled,

You are not alone in your desire to reassemble a puzzle ring. Some jewelers are good at it if they have guidance. Happily Lord Google has directions for reassembling some puzzle rings.

I believe good jewelers know jewelers who do things better than they do. I am one of those jewelers and I had a jeweler friend of mine who loves puzzles re-assemble the ring pictured here.

He didn’t do it for free, but my client felt it was very worth it. That is a before and after set of pictures from the puzzle ring we saved from the melt pile.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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