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Peace,Hiking,Looking Your Best…and Jewelry

By Calla Gold

Peace on Earth And Look Good! When I was younger—before I was a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer—a friend invited me to fly to Oregon with her to march for peace with her favorite organization. She said to bring a sleeping bag and … Continue reading



Jewelry Design For the Challenge of it – How I Entered a Jewelry Design Challenge

By Calla Gold

The MJSA “Suite Emotion” Jewelry Design Challenge When the lovely Tina Snyder of MJSA invited me to submit a wedding set jewelry design for the 2011 Suite Emotion Jewelry Design Challenge, I thought “Yes!” Figuring out creative designs. That would be this … Continue reading



Thank You from Your Santa Barbara Jeweler – Social Media Jeweler

By Calla Gold

I was recently featured in an MJSA (a leading resource in jewelry making and design) article called Custom Collections- Marketing Custom Jewelry Online.  And I have all of you to thank…so thank you! Peggy Jo Donahue’s beautiful article, (thank you … Continue reading



Solving an Internet Wedding Ring Disaster, Before and After

By Calla Gold

This is a story about a wedding ring disaster… …. with a happy ending. It started on the internet, far far away. Then it got local and transformed into a happy set of wedding rings. Let your Santa Barbara Jeweler … Continue reading



“Can You Design Jewelry Long Distance?” Ralph’s Ring Story

By Calla Gold

Who Uses a Santa Barbara Jeweler? I get asked often, “Calla can you design jewelry long distance for me?”  Just ask Ralph and he’d say “yes!”



Spock Ears Inspire Out of This World Jewelry

By Calla Gold

Trekkie or Trekker? What Do I Call My Star Trek Loving Self? Has this Santa Barbara Jeweler divulged that she’s a Star Trek Fan? Well I am. So when these fabulous prize winning earrings by Raja Gondkar showed up I … Continue reading

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