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A Creative Bride-to-Be Designs the Engagement Ring of Her Dreams

By Calla Gold

Getting Involved in the Design Process When James and Camille decided to get married, James knew that he wanted his fiancé who was a historian to be involved in the ring design process. He recognized Camille’s unique sense of style … Continue reading



Three Generations Brought Together By Jewelry – An Engagement Ring Story

By Calla Gold

Bertsie and Her Lovely Family When I first met Bertsie, I didn’t realize that her family would unfold like a blossoming flower as I met the different generations. I never dreamed that it would end up an engagement ring story. … Continue reading



Signet Ring, What Should You Engrave? Vanilla or Chocolate?

By Calla Gold

Vanilla or Chocolate Engraving? Seriously, Rashida asked me on the phone if I do “vanilla or chocolate engraving.” I said, “I do both and banana split engraving.” (She had called me after finding me on the internet and she sounded … Continue reading



Five Rings and a Pendant Unworn! Then Revitalized!

By Calla Gold

What Do You Do With Five Rings You Don’t Wear? Kathy was given many pieces over the years from her loving father. They were great in their day. She also inherited some little rings. This all added up to five … Continue reading



Ashton Kutcher and His Rhodium Wedding Band

By Calla Gold

  Walden of Two and a Half Men Single-Handedly Raises Rhodium’s Profile A couple of my clients who are Two and a Half Men fans told me about an episode in which Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden, proclaimed that his Rhodium … Continue reading



Broken Ring Prongs and Worn Goodyear Tires, They Don’t Last Forever

By Calla Gold

Worn Tires and Broken Ring Prongs When you glance at your Goodyears, your tire tread, it’s pretty easy to tell if they have become worn and need to be replaced. However those delicate  broken ring prongs which get worn daily and go … Continue reading

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