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The Case of the Missing Diamond — Carrie’s Story of a Ring Replication

By Calla Gold

Ten Years Without Her Wedding Ring Can you imagine going 10 years of your marriage without wearing your wedding ring? Carrie thought that she was ready to give hers up for good after a near disaster at her son’s school.



One Watch Makes Two Pendants and a Bracelet

By Calla Gold

What Do You Do With a Watch That’s too Small to Tell Time? That is what started this very fun project with Ruth. “I love the watchband itself. I’d love to somehow use it as a bracelet, but it’s too … Continue reading



My New Web Page – Redesign Jewelry and Revitalizing

By Calla Gold

Redesign Jewelry. That’s What my New Webpage is Dedicated to. Pull out the jewelry you’re not wearing and lets discuss how it might be changed into jewelry you’ll wear! For inspiration look at my new webpage Redesign jewelry with befores and afters … Continue reading



Five Rings and a Pendant Unworn! Then Revitalized!

By Calla Gold

What Do You Do With Five Rings You Don’t Wear? Kathy was given many pieces over the years from her loving father. They were great in their day. She also inherited some little rings. This all added up to five … Continue reading



Is Your Jewelry Box a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry?

By Calla Gold

Your Jewelry Box is the Keeper of Memories And Could be a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry I recently gave a talk in Camarillo on “Revitalizing Your Jewelry Wardrobe” to a group of wonderful women.  They loved my motto, “Wear it, Don’t … Continue reading



Wedding Bands – Makeover – Loving Your Jewelry Back to Life

By Calla Gold

A Makeover for My Wedding Band? Many people have a gold wedding band, or platinum for that matter, that needs some care and love to bring it back to beautiful life. In a way we still see our band as … Continue reading

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