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It’s June – The Month of Pearls

By Calla Gold

The Pearl summer’s must-have accessory – and June’s birthstone – is the jewelry box diva. Find out how to care for these creamy treasures, and you’ll be enjoying their beauty for years to come. [wpcol_1third] Choose Wisely 5 things to … Continue reading



Fire Agates Fascinating Allure – Two Jewelry Projects in Yellow Gold

By Calla Gold

Why is Fire Agate so fascinating? Its earthy iridescence glowing gorgeously and mysteriously is what gets this Santa Barbara custom designer’s inspiration going. Today I’m sharing a couple of projects I’ve done with fire agate. 



Top Ten Reasons To Restring Your Pearls

By Calla Gold

Do You Love Your Pearls? What’s not to love about pearls? Well maybe when you grab them to go to an appointment and you look closely and they’re not looking as pure and pretty as they used to. Your first … Continue reading



Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s Story

By Calla Gold

  Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s story The phone rang. “Calla Gold Jewelry. This is Calla!” “You said, ‘wear it, don’t warehouse it,’ and I can’t stop thinking about it.” And so this fun project … Continue reading



Why Pearl Ring Sizing Costs More

By Calla Gold

Your Diva Pearls Demand Your Respect Someone asked me the other day, “How come you’re charging me so much to size this pearl ring? Its band is half as thick as the sapphire ring you’re sizing, but it’s more expensive.” … Continue reading



Ten Ways to Casual-ify Your Pearl or Bead Necklace

By Calla Gold

A Gift Unworn, Then Re-Done, Asa’s Tale Asa (pronounced Osa) was given a gorgeous necklace by her daughter. She loved how beautiful it was. The problem was, she didn’t wear it.

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