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Feb 12

Jewelers are pretty expressive and artistic people. Some are also a bit spiky socially and say some salty things, which I find entertaining. There are a lot of philosophers in the bunch as well. And real givers. The passion that I see in my industry inspires me. I’ve been seeing a lot of tattooed jewelers […]

Jan 29
Jan 22
Nov 9

Gloves and Rings Don’t Always Mix Here are three stories from my clients about how gloves and rings didn’t mix for them. At the end I’ll share – Three Things You Can do to Reduce the Danger of Gloves and Rings. Sharon’s Story – How a Nice Afternoon of Gardening Turned into a Near Disaster […]

Aug 24

A Vision, A Prize and me Deciding to Share I’m proud of an industry friend of mine. I also thought you’d dig the jewelry designs she pulled together for what she calls her “Customer Types.”

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