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Oct 9

Jewelers are pretty expressive and artistic people. Some are also a bit spiky socially and say some salty things, which I find entertaining. There are a lot of philosophers in the bunch as well. And real givers. The passion that I see in my industry inspires me. I’ve been seeing a lot of tattooed jewelers […]

Nov 9

Gloves and Rings Don’t Always Mix Here are three stories from my clients about how gloves and rings didn’t mix for them. At the end I’ll share – Three Things You Can do to Reduce the Danger of Gloves and Rings. Sharon’s Story – How a Nice Afternoon of Gardening Turned into a Near Disaster […]

Aug 24

A Vision, A Prize and me Deciding to Share I’m proud of an industry friend of mine. I also thought you’d dig the jewelry designs she pulled together for what she calls her “Customer Types.”

Jul 27

“I feel that some jewelry retailers are racing to see who can have the cheapest goods in their store. It is a race to the bottom. I do not see this ending well for them.” – Paul Levin Owner of Tairona Co. at the American Gem Trade Association Jewelry Show. Bitten by Zombie Jewelry Don’t you […]

Mar 23

What is Bangin? The Urban Dictionary says; Bangin: Short for “Banging” 1. adj. meaning highly attractive (referring to an object or person) 2. adj. meaning high energy, busy, loud, exciting. (referring to music, a party, etc). Bangin, the Opposite of Boring Please allow me to disabuse you of the notion that my job as a […]

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