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Sawing off Rings, Did Your Knuckles Grow When You Weren’t Looking?

By Calla Gold

I gave one of my 4-year-old blogs the “Update” treatment! New pictures, new story. Let me know what you think! Sawing off Rings, My Second Favorite Job My favorite job as a Santa Barbara repairing Jeweler is witnessing peoples’ faces light … Continue reading



Ring Disasters, Part 4 – Re-Tipping vs. a New Head

By Calla Gold

Some of my most loyal, long-time readers may remember my “Ring Disasters” series from 2011. More questions have come up recently about the issues addressed in this particular post. I realized that I could add more information and explanatory photos … Continue reading



How Much Does it Cost to Size my Eternity Band Ring?

By Calla Gold

“Can my Eternity Band Rings Even be  Sized? I was Told it Couldn’t!” I’m a jeweler in Santa Barbara. Many Santa Barbarans love eternity band rings and believe me, after a while they need to be sized. I specialize in sizing eternity … Continue reading



How Much to Size my Ring – With Scratched and Dull Gems?

By Calla Gold

Sometimes Sizing Your Ring Leads to a Bit More Work! I usually see my client’s rings when they need to be sized. I thank the lucky stars that their rings needed to be sized as I have a chance to … Continue reading



How Much to Size my Ring? – With Matte Finish and Oxidation

By Calla Gold

How Much Does it Cost to Size My Ring – With Matte Finish and Oxidation? I often get calls from people with unique rings who ask me for estimates on the ring sizing cost for their ring. It takes a while to … Continue reading



Ring Sizing Cost with Milgrain Edging and Carved in Designs

By Calla Gold

What is Milgrain Again? A Milgrain edging looks like little beads of metal. It is frequently put on at the edge of your ring or to frame a design element of your ring. In this post I’ll talk about how having milgrain edging … Continue reading

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