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Superfit Hinging Shanks for Large Knuckled People-Review

By Calla Gold

Superfit Shank, Here to Woo You with its Special Abilities As a specialist in modifying rings that spin to be more comfortably worn, I have written on various possible solutions previously. See my related blogs on speed bumps, butterfly springs … Continue reading



Titanium vs Gold as Wedding Bands For Your Finger’s Safety

By Calla Gold

In this post this Santa Barbara Jewelry designer will talk about titanium vs gold wedding bands and why titanium is a bad choice. Why be boring I say, so here is a story to illustrate why titanium is a poor … Continue reading



Titanium or Tungsten vs. Gold or Platinum Wedding Bands, Revisited

By Calla Gold

 The Opinion Blog That Sparked a Debate   I’ve been a jewelry blogger, writing my Jewelry Without Walls blog for a number of years now.  Odds are that if you have a jewelry-related question, I’ve answered it. My most popular, … Continue reading



Chain Clasps From Hell

By Calla Gold

Taco Dinner Delayed by Crappy Clasps! Who hasn’t had chain clasps from hell? I’ve had lots of them. There’s nothing more frustrating than rushing to get dressed for dinner at your favorite taco place, and then  wasting time trying to … Continue reading



Don’t Buy Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands

By Calla Gold

I have updated this post, check it out and tell me what you think, click here: Titanium or Tungsten vs. Gold or Platinum Wedding Bands, Revisited   Don’t buy Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands I’m not going to win any popularity … Continue reading



Ear Lobe Droop; Are Your Earrings Pointing toward the Pavement?

By Calla Gold

  Ear Lobe Droop, It’s Like an Epidemic! This Santa Barbara Jeweler loves solving jewelry problems and ear lobe droop comes up a lot! Do some of your earrings end up pointing toward the pavement? If so, it’s time to … Continue reading

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