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Mar 23

Jewelry engraving is the art of forming designs or characters on surfaces by carving away small bits of metal with a sharp steel blade, or more recently, an intense beam of light. One of three different methods is utilized in the process: hand, machine, or laser.    

Mar 16

Tapered bands or tapered shanks, narrow slightly toward the bottom of the shank. This is more comfortable than having the same wide width go all the way under your hand.          

Jan 13

A wedding band —also known as a wedding ring— is a ring worn on the left hand ring finger and signify that the wearer is married. A band style ring is the same width all the way around. They can be worn alone or in concert with an engagement ring for women. They can be simple gold […]

Jan 6

Before a ring is cast in precious metal, a wax model of it is carved. Wax models are carved by hand or by a computer-assisted 3D model making machine.      

Dec 30

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner does exactly what its name suggests, it cleans jewelry! Jewelry is cleaned by vibrating items at a high frequency while immersed in a cleaning solution.  The high vibration dislodges dirt and grime from the jewelry.

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