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May 2

Platinum and White Gold vs Silver for Wedding Rings Every once in a while, I get asked if silver is appropriate for wedding rings. Silver certainly isn’t the customary, go-to metal, but is it appropriate? Depends on one’s point of view.

Nov 10

How About Rose Gold For Your Engagement Ring? I’ve talked a lot about yellow and white gold engagement rings in other posts. While I’ve touched briefly upon various types of gold, and how they are made, I felt that rose gold deserved its own post. Rose gold has a little secret that impacts how your engagement […]

Sep 29

The Heartbreak of an Ill-Fitting Ring Do you have rings that spin? Rings that Flop? Rings that jab you because they aren’t in the right position? Do you tend not to wear those rings much? What if it’s your wedding ring? What?!? You’re not wearing your wedding ring?

Mar 24

Pinterest is a Great Way to Do Some Engagement Ring Design Homework What if your boyfriend is thinking of proposing and wants to surprise you? How is he supposed to know what you want? Well in the past he might have asked your mom or your best friend. But what if their personal taste isn’t […]

Mar 10

White Topaz vs Diamond That is the Question What’s a better gemstone for a wedding or engagement ring: in the white topaz vs diamond debate? As a jeweler with over 30 years experience, and a designer specializing in wedding rings, I think the answer is obvious.  Read on to find out why I feel this […]

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