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Spinel: Now the Prettiest August Birthstone

By Calla Gold

Spinel Joins Sardonyx and Peridot Exciting news to everyone with an August birthday – spinel is now one of your birthstones! It joins sardonyx and peridot on the official list of August birthstones. The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and … Continue reading



Re-Tipped Prongs and Porosity on Your Engagement Ring

By Calla Gold

What is Porosity? In the simplest of terms, porosity is how holey a material is. No – not “holy” in a religious sense, but “holey,” as in “full of holes.” Materials such as pumice stone and concrete tend to be … Continue reading



Women in Media Conference – Speaking and Learning

By Calla Gold

Speaking Makes you Think I recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Women in Media Conference at UCSB! As part of the panel “Taking Charge,” I got to share my experiences as a woman in the traditionally male-dominated … Continue reading



Why Is Gold More Expensive Than Silver?

By Calla Gold

Silver and Gold As evidenced by price, gold has been considered more valuable than silver throughout modern history. As I write this blog, an ounce of gold costs over seventy-five times more than an equal weight of silver. Why the … Continue reading



Should You Use Palladium for Your Engagement Ring?

By Calla Gold

What is Palladium? Palladium has been used in jewelry making since 1939. It is a precious white metal in the platinum metals group and, as such, shares many qualities with platinum. Before 2004, palladium was primarily used in white-gold alloys and … Continue reading



Black Gold — Fact vs. Fiction

By Calla Gold

Black Gold – Is It Real? Clients frequently ask me if I can design them jewelry made in black gold. When I try to explain to them that black gold jewelry just isn’t a thing, they often send me advertisements … Continue reading

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