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Jun 21

Dear Calla, I have a long strand of 4mm pearls that I like to double. I’ve tried the oval shorteners and others. Because the openings are so large the pearls just slide through and the shortest strand ends up choking me. I turn my head three or four times and ack…my pearls are attacking me. […]

Jun 14

Dear Calla, One of my screw backs has disappeared. I went to a jewelry store and they had two different types of screw backs and neither one fit. Now I have noticed that my other screw back spins super easily. I thought they were like the safest choice. Now I’m adding this loss to my […]

May 24

Dear Calla, I have a silly question. How is the wedding set properly worn? My first marriage, I had my engagement ring first, then my wedding band. It makes sense that my engagement was on first, so I could just slide  on the wedding band to seal it in. I was told I was wrong. […]

Apr 26

Dear Calla, I wore this ring for years and then I took it off. Why I don’t know. Somewhere in the intervening years it got all messed up. I bent it up trying to put it back together so now it’s really messed up. Should I just get gold credit for it and give up? […]

Apr 19

Dear Calla, Just because I’m curious I’m asking you this question. I am getting a ring made by my friend and he says he’s going to use gold casting grains. What? I’m a gluten free eater and I’m sure there isn’t actual grain in gold. Right? Can I see a picture of these little kernels […]

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