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Feb 22

Dear Calla, I’m been wearing my guy wedding band for about twenty years. It’s cracking on the edge in two places and has like a hole in it. Like it’s hollow or something. I do guy things with it. I fix stuff around the house and I work on my car. It ticks me off […]

Feb 15

Dear Calla, I have a white gold ring which has split at the bottom. how much do you think the would cost to be fixed? ~ Hannah Hello Hannah, I can’t see your ring. But let’s assume you’ll need it to be rhodium plated after the soldering or laser welding is done. This would need […]

Jan 18

Dear Calla, I have this cool abalone odd shaped pearl/shell piece that my fisherman boyfriend gave me. It’s shaped a little oddly, but still cool. I’ve talked to a couple of jewelers about making a pendant out of it with small diamonds around it, but diamonds don’t really compliment it well. So it sits, unset, and […]

Jan 11

Dear Calla, I was given an amethyst pendant by my Aunt Maria when I was ten. I wore it for special occasions and it got lost somehow. I bought another one years later and then found the first one. They sort of go together but are different sizes. How can I make some cool vintage looking necklace […]

Dec 28

Dear Calla, My boyfriend Wally hit it out of the park with my engagement ring. I love it. Slight problem, we’ve gone to every jewelry store in our little berg and all the bands look beyond fail as mates for my engagement ring. I’m starting to freak a bit as I’m getting married in four […]

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