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Aug 16

Dear Calla, I bought this beautiful antique knot ring online from England. The only problem was that it wasn’t my size. The merchant offered to have a local jeweler size it at my expense and then ship it. I said yes. I’ve just opened my package and I can’t stop crying, it is just ruined. […]

Aug 9

Dear Calla, My brother has offered to make my wedding ring. He’s taking classes at the local City College and has a habit of starting and stopping things. He tuned my car once and can I just kindly say, I didn’t have to sell it but….. Anyway he’s my fiance’s best friend and that’s how […]

Jul 12

Dear Calla, I’m a guy and I work in food services and I get hit on by the new hostess. I’ve told everyone that I’m engaged and she’s not getting it. Why can’t I just wear my wedding band while engaged and get this gal off my case? – Ringless and Stalked

Jul 5

Dear Calla I have inherited an inlay gems ring that I thing is so beautiful. I’ve worn it on my pinky a few times and used masking tape wrapped around it to make it fit. The last time I took off the masking tape it yanked out one of the pieces of onyx. Bummer. I’ve […]

Jun 21

Dear Calla, I have a long strand of 4mm pearls that I like to double. I’ve tried the oval shorteners and others. Because the openings are so large the pearls just slide through and the shortest strand ends up choking me. I turn my head three or four times and ack…my pearls are attacking me. […]

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