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Apr 26

Dear Calla, I wore this ring for years and then I took it off. Why I don’t know. Somewhere in the intervening years it got all messed up. I bent it up trying to put it back together so now it’s really messed up. Should I just get gold credit for it and give up? […]

Apr 19

Dear Calla, Just because I’m curious I’m asking you this question. I am getting a ring made by my friend and he says he’s going to use gold casting grains. What? I’m a gluten free eater and I’m sure there isn’t actual grain in gold. Right? Can I see a picture of these little kernels […]

Apr 12

Dear Calla, I inherited my grandmother’s wedding set. We’re using the center diamond in a new ring and I just love it. It’s a more modern style. So I have her wedding band left. The diamonds are kinda too tiny to re-use and I was told they are single cut, whatever that means. Does it […]

Mar 29

Dear Calla, I brought my engagement ring in to be fixed. It was catching on my clothes. The jeweler guy told me the prong chipped off. I’ve been wearing it every day for fifteen years. So no big surprise there. The problem is now it looks funny and catches on stuff. My other prongs never […]

Mar 15

Dear Calla, I received a gift ring on my birthday. I really love it, but. There’s always a but, right? What I like about it is how low to my hand it is. I’m a nurse and I wear gloves all the time. That’s what I asked for. But, the gems pokey bottom scraps my […]

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