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Purple Heart Ring for Larry – A Creation Story

By Calla Gold

Superbowl  Ring – Purple Heart Ring If you’re a guy and you won the Superbowl you get a ring. And it means a lot and you wear it. If you’ve been in the military and get a meaningful medal, doesn’t … Continue reading



A Creative Bride-to-Be Designs the Engagement Ring of Her Dreams

By Calla Gold

Getting Involved in the Design Process When James and Camille decided to get married, James knew that he wanted his fiancé who was a historian to be involved in the ring design process. He recognized Camille’s unique sense of style … Continue reading



Three Generations Brought Together By Jewelry – An Engagement Ring Story

By Calla Gold

Bertsie and Her Lovely Family When I first met Bertsie, I didn’t realize that her family would unfold like a blossoming flower as I met the different generations. I never dreamed that it would end up an engagement ring story. … Continue reading



Choosing Your Unique Ring Style – Eight Elements to Consider

By Calla Gold

Finding your Best Ring Style Some people can look at a picture of a ring style and say, “That is what I want!” And it works. But what about the rest of us? Who hasn’t tried on a friend’s ring … Continue reading



Rainbow Moonstone Ring – The Gift of True Love

By Calla Gold

Struck by the Blue Flash of Love I’d had my eye out for a nice moonstone for some time when I spotted a big, beautiful one that I knew Charla would love. A number of years ago, we’d talked about … Continue reading



Give a Jewelry Gift With Detail – The Tale of the Isle of Iona Cross

By Calla Gold

Putting the Personal in Custom Jewelry Design When J visualized his wife’s future birthday, he wanted to create a gift that would resonate with many facets of his and his wife’s lives together. But especially her passions. C is an … Continue reading

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