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How to Choose a Jeweler – 16 Questions to Ask Yourself

By Calla Gold

Who’s Going to Be Your Next Jeweler? As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I’ve asked my clients, “What do you look for in a jeweler?” If I’ve left out questions you feel should be here for more completeness let me know … Continue reading



How Much Does it Cost to Size my Eternity Band Ring?

By Calla Gold

“Can my Eternity Band Rings Even be  Sized? I was Told it Couldn’t!” I’m a jeweler in Santa Barbara. Many Santa Barbarans love eternity band rings and believe me, after a while they need to be sized. I specialize in sizing eternity … Continue reading



My New Web Page – Redesign Jewelry and Revitalizing

By Calla Gold

Redesign Jewelry. That’s What my New Webpage is Dedicated to. Pull out the jewelry you’re not wearing and lets discuss how it might be changed into jewelry you’ll wear! For inspiration look at my new webpage Redesign jewelry with befores and afters … Continue reading



What to Look For in a Good Jeweler; Knowledge, Skills, and Likeability

By Calla Gold

Is the Jeweler in Front of You a Good Jeweler? How do you really know if Cindy, manning the store jewelry counter in the mall, is worth her salt? Does she really know what’s best for your twenty-five year old … Continue reading



Simply the Best Wedding Showcase in Santa Barbara

By Calla Gold

The Best Wedding Showcase in Santa Barbara Want to attend Simply the Best Wedding Showcase ever in Santa Barbara? This Wedding Jeweler sure does! Rockwood Women’s Club in Mission Canyon never looked so cheerful and dreamy. Meet the creme de … Continue reading



Calla Gold Jewelry Featured in Social Media Book: “8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success”

By Calla Gold

Teenager Induced  Fame In 2009 my teenage son Dan’s cries for change in my static website and call to join the 21st century and get social online bore fruit. I decided to change my old fashioned jeweler ways. Fast forward … Continue reading

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