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Pawn Shop vs. Jeweler for Your Engagement Diamond

By Calla Gold

Are You Wondering Where to Shop for Your Engagement Diamond?   On occasion a client asks me about diamond shopping at pawn shops vs. diamond shopping with a jeweler, so I decided to write this to answer most questions you … Continue reading



Grandma’s Vintage Diamonds vs. New Diamonds, How to Design With Them

By Calla Gold

Vintage Diamonds or New Diamonds, They Are All Lovable.  Older cut vintage diamonds vs. new diamonds do look different. That’s not a bad thing. What’s bad is when you combine the two. The new modern brilliant cut diamond will out sparkle … Continue reading



All About Diamond Cut, Technicalities and Common Sense in Diamond Shopping

By Calla Gold

Let’s Talk About Diamond Cut In this post, ( third in the 4 C’s series), this Santa Barbara Diamond Educator will  give you an overview on what you need to know about diamond cut. I’ll help you keep the confusion … Continue reading



Restoring Antique Rings with Antique Diamonds for Engagement Rings

By Calla Gold

Who Do You Call When you Have an Antique Ring too Worn for Everyday Wear? Rodney and Taren were referred to Santa Barbara’s Calla Gold Jewelry for antique jewelry restoration after their frustrating experience trying to sort out what to do … Continue reading