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Bails vs. Enhancers, From Functional to Fabulous

By Calla Gold

Bails are Nice, But Enhancers are Spice!   There’s a good chance you already know what a bail is. It’s that little loop thingie at the top of pendants and charms that your chain slides through. Enhancers are similar. They … Continue reading



Choosing Pearls: Five Things You Need to Consider

By Calla Gold

Let’s Get Another Opinion for Choosing Pearls This  ocean loving jeweler adores pearls whether in round shapes or lumpy baroques. So when I read this great information from Antoinette Matlins, crazily over-qualified Gemologist and master of the gem and pearl … Continue reading



French Wire Finish for Your Pearls; It’s Stronger and Prettier

By Calla Gold

What’s in a Tiny Finishing Detail in Stringing Like French Wire Finish? Have you ever wondered why some pearls or beaded necklaces break more quickly? Or why some just look great and others look like they’ve been “cheaply” strung? French … Continue reading



Elizabeth Taylor – What Record Setting Jewelry Sale Means to Many Jewelers

By Calla Gold

Jeweler’s Have to Start Somewhere With Their Love Affair With Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor was an icon of fashion, romance, excess and real Hollywood glamour. She was this Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer‘s inspiration to love jewelry. I love horses and I … Continue reading



The Pitfalls of Pearl Restringing – What Might Happen After Restringing

By Calla Gold

Disaster Struck at Midnight Donna’s pearls broke in the limo during her friend Stephi’s bachelorette party. She’d seen the warning signs, the discolored knots, the uneven gapping between pearls, she just didn’t deal with it. And the little black dress … Continue reading



Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s Story

By Calla Gold

  Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s story The phone rang. “Calla Gold Jewelry. This is Calla!” “You said, ‘wear it, don’t warehouse it,’ and I can’t stop thinking about it.” And so this fun project … Continue reading

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