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Torn Ear Lobe Solutions, Monster Backs, Disc Backs and More

By Calla Gold

Do You Have an Ripped or Torn Ear Lobe? Karen loved jewelry. So when I ran into her after three years of not seeing her I totally noticed that she wasn’t wearing earrings. My jeweler antenna started quivering. In what … Continue reading



Wear it Don’t Warehouse it, Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-do

By Calla Gold

Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-Do Rhonda and I had already met a bunch of times selecting jewelry pieces to define her new executive look. Before I tell you about the coin earrings re-do project, allow me to tell you about the … Continue reading



Wear it Don’t Warehouse it: One Inherited Ring Redesign Makes a New Jewelry Wardrobe

By Calla Gold

A Funny Story About An Inherited Ring Redesign Marcia, (names changed to protect the lucky) inherited a very large, very ‘yesterday,’ super dressy cocktail ring. It sat unworn and overwhelmingly alone in a safe deposit box; an inherited ring’s   … Continue reading



Confessions From a Jewelry Designer: Do You Suffer From Droopy Dangly Earrings?

By Calla Gold

Droopy err, Drop Earrings Gone Wrong You’ve all heard the old stories of the shoemaker’s children running around barefoot. As it turned out, this Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer was suffering from the same problem. My thin ear lobes made many … Continue reading



Celebrity Earrings, Reviews; How it Applies to You

By Calla Gold

Have You Ever Wondered How You’d Look in a Celebrity Earrings Style? Your Santa Barbara Jeweler has chosen three celebs and evaluated why their earrings do or don’t work. This may help you in choosing earrings for yourself. For more … Continue reading



Ear Lobe Droop; Are Your Earrings Pointing toward the Pavement?

By Calla Gold

  Ear Lobe Droop, It’s Like an Epidemic! This Santa Barbara Jeweler loves solving jewelry problems and ear lobe droop comes up a lot! Do some of your earrings end up pointing toward the pavement? If so, it’s time to … Continue reading

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