Gems of Wisdom: Loretta Young and a Pair of Rings

By Calla Gold

Gems of Wisdom Loretta Young quote Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” ~ Loretta Young

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Dear Calla – Inherited Gold Charms

By Calla Gold

3 Gold Charms - Before Picture

Three Charms I Re-purposed for a Client. You Might Like What we Did With Them.

Dear Calla,

I’ve inherited six gold charms, some of them I love and remember their stories and some don’t have a lot of meaning. They were on a charm bracelet I used to have. I managed to not only get a charm caught between two keys on my keyboard at work, but I ripped one keypad letter off when I yanked the stuck charm up. Fortunately, my boss has forgiven me for the damage I caused to my keyboard.

I took them off the charms and just wear the bracelet. It looks nice and reminds me of my Aunt who left it to me. It’s been about six years now and I’d like to do something else with some of the charms.

I won’t wear them as earrings, because I like symmetry. I do wear pins and I have a ton of pendants so if I turned them into pendants they’d rarely be worn.

Do you have any ideas?

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Gems of Wisdom: Shinichi Suzuki and a Chalcedony Pendant

By Calla Gold

Gems of Wisdom: "When love is deep much can be accomplished", quote from Shinichi Suzuki featuring a Pendant

“When love is deep much can be accomplished.” ~ Shinichi Suzuki

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Wax Sculpting a Dream Pendant for Virginia

By Calla Gold

Virginia’s Ambitious Design Idea

Art Nouveau Hand Mirror

Virginia’s Lovely Art Nouveau Hand Mirror

Have you ever loved a thing of beauty so much that you wanted more of it? Virginia — an art collector, master gardener, and lover of beauty — adored her antique hand mirror and dreamt of having a pendant that resembled it.

She worried, though, that the large hand mirror’s intricate design would be too complex to recreate in a pendant, which would have to be much smaller. On top of this, she wanted the roses from the original design to be replaced with pansies.

She explained her vision to me in a hesitant voice that suggested, “I’m worried that this is asking way too much.” To Virginia’s surprise, I told her that I was in! Continue reading →



Gems of Wisdom: R. J. Hauy and a Ring with Two Stacking Bands

By Calla Gold

"If gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom, fancy color diamonds are the orchids." ~ R. J. Hauy

“If gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom, fancy color diamonds are the orchids.” ~ R. J. Hauy Continue reading →



Dear Calla – Is My Scratched Tanzanite Ring Salvageable?

By Calla Gold

Dear Calla,

Scratched Tsavorite

This tsavorite belonged to a client of mine. Like her tsavorite, your tanzanite can probably be polished.

My purple and blue tanzanite ring was looking really dirty, so I took it to the mall jewelers for a cleaning. They ultrasonic cleaned it, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I was told that it was the best they can do and that the ring is too scratched. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough with it?

Do I just replace it or is there any way I can salvage it? I love its color and it took me plenty of searching the find that exact one.

Thank you,

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