Feb 17

Richard Bach and Black Rhodium Trinity Ring from Calla Gold Jewelry

“True love stories never have endings.” ~ Richard Bach

Born in 1936, Richard Bach became one of the bestselling authors of the 1970’s. He was best known for his works including Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Engagement Ring With Cracked Shank and Rhodium Worn OffDear Calla,

I have a white gold ring which has split at the bottom. how much do you think the would cost to be fixed?

~ Hannah

Hello Hannah,

I can’t see your ring. But let’s assume you’ll need it to be rhodium plated after the soldering or laser welding is done. This would need to be done since you have white gold. And white gold is rhodium plated when manufactured and that needs to be reapplied now and then as maintenance. Heat work necessitates re-application. Continue reading →

Feb 13

I Get it, We Need to Clean Our Jewelry

This is What Happens When You Clean Your Jewelry With Gas

We all need clean jewelry, I do get this.

I read with horrified fascination of a couple cleaning their jewelry with gas and was flabbergasted. It did not end well.

Why did they do it?

I may never know. It prompted me to look into the many odd ways people have cleaned jewelry over time. Continue reading →

Feb 10

William Shakespeare and an Aquamarine diamond from Calla Gold Jewelry

“Love Sought is good, but give unsought, is better.” ~ William Shakespeare

Not one person can get through any high school curriculum in the US without having read one of the works by William Shakespeare. To this day, Shakespeare is considered one of the best poets and writers in the world and throughout history. Continue reading →

Feb 6

Marla’s Broken Engagement Ring Story

Real Jeweler vs a Jewelry Counter Clerk

Personal Jeweler Going Over Details With Lisa.

I’m a Personal Jeweler in Santa Barbara, and I get questions daily. Recently Marla came to me with her sad story. Her tanzanite engagement ring had cracked. At first she thought her tanzanite was just dirty. Her fiancé sent her to the jewelry counter where he’d bought it to get it cleaned. It ended up looking just as bad.

She was referred to me by a friend that had just had me custom design her engagement ring. I was the one who told her it was cracked and showed it to her under magnification. Marla had been wearing her engagement ring for about five months. Continue reading →

Jan 27

"Pearls are always appropriate." Jackie Kennedy and a Tahitian pearl ring

“Pearls are always appropriate.” ~ Jackie Kennedy

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