Dear Calla – Inherited Grandma’s Bent Silver Ring

By Calla Gold

Old Bent RingDear Calla,

I’ve inherited a very bent silver ring. My dad said it was my grandma’s, who grew up in the depression. It was her wedding ring and it means a lot to me. Last year I took it to a local jeweler at the mall, but he said it was crap and not worth fixing and tried to sell me a white gold band.

I told him I had something in my eye and left. Yeah I had something in my eye. Tears. My grandma had six children and gave everything she had in energy, song and love to them. His dismissal just broke my heart.

Can this be fixed? Let me down easy OK?

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Spinel: Now the Prettiest August Birthstone

By Calla Gold

Spinel Joins Sardonyx and Peridot

large spinel ring

A Beautiful Spinel Ring
Image courtesy of gia.edu

Exciting news to everyone with an August birthday – spinel is now one of your birthstones! It joins sardonyx and peridot on the official list of August birthstones.

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and Jewelers of America (JA) decided in June to include it with August’s birthstones.

JA’s president and CEO, David J. Bonaparte, says, “At certain moments in history, when there is a strong call from gem enthusiasts to expand the list of official birthstones, Jewelers of America believes in recognizing the importance of historically significant gemstones and giving gemstone lovers a choice that suits their preferences.”

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Dear Calla – Edgy Wedding Rings Please

By Calla Gold

Dear Calla GoldDear Calla,

In this filigree girly world, I’m a strong, physical kind of gal, and when I try on the styles of today my finger laughs at me and muffin tops over the thin straight bands.

I’m kinda Goth to boot and that’s workin for me and my baby. But all these prissy engagement rings are making me puke.

Where is a Goth girl to get her “love hurts” ring on? Seriously.

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Choosing Your Unique Ring Style – Eight Elements to Consider

By Calla Gold

Finding your Best Ring Style

Ring Style

Her Style Looks Great on Her Youthful Hand

Some people can look at a picture of a ring style and say, “That is what I want!” And it works. But what about the rest of us? Who hasn’t tried on a friend’s ring that looks amazing on them and it just looks “OK” on us?

Each of us has our own finger shapes, finger lengths, knuckles too prominent or not, fingers that are thick or thin. These aspects of our hands factor mightily in whether a ring that we think is pretty will make our hand look pretty.

That Dream Ring Needs to Get a Reality Check

I hate to say it, but that dream ring you’ve been wanting forever might not be the most complementary design on your hand.

As a Santa Barbara jewelry designer, I’ve spent years guiding brides-to-be, moms, grandmoms and big knuckled guys to complementary designs for their custom rings. I’ll share my process here. Continue reading →



Gems of Wisdom: Rose Kennedy and a Diamond Ring

By Calla Gold

Gems of Wisdom, Rose Kennedy with a diamond ring: Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” ~ Rose Kennedy

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Dear Calla: Twisted and Sad Ring and Big Knuckles

By Calla Gold

Big Knuckles Allow Your Ring to SpinDear Calla,

I always wear wide bands that sit low on my hand because I have large knuckles and my other rings just fall over on my hand.  This can lead to me being jabbed by the prongs! Ouch.

Well my nice husband just bought me a pretty sapphire ring and for the first week after I had it sized as tightly as possible it spent most of its time on the side on my finger.

Now I’m not wearing it and my husband looks sad. I love his gift, but it’s just not fitting. What do I do? Masking tape? One of my friends just gave me a glob of playdoh. Really?

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