Aug 21

This Excellent Dear Calla Question Deserved a Big Answer


Vintage Wedding Set on the Left Pairs Well with the Modern Golden Pearl Ring

Dear Calla,
I have been enjoying reading your website for a few months now and I’ve found you and the ladies who post comments both informative and helpful.

But I do not know where to post my dilemma.

See I, along with my sister inherited mum’s jewelry. I’ve had them cleaned and valued and refurbished where necessary and resized for me and in one case remade (thanks to your wonderful advice about wearing not warehousing). Continue reading →

Aug 16

before pictures of knot ringDear Calla,

I bought this beautiful antique knot ring online from England. The only problem was that it wasn’t my size. The merchant offered to have a local jeweler size it at my expense and then ship it. I said yes. I’ve just opened my package and I can’t stop crying, it is just ruined.

Why is my beautiful crisp knot now so blobby looking? Can you do anything? Can you tell me what happened so I never go through this again?

~ Melting in Tears

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Aug 9

A practice ring for adding tips to prongs on his little garage bench.

Dear Calla,

My brother has offered to make my wedding ring. He’s taking classes at the local City College and has a habit of starting and stopping things.

He tuned my car once and can I just kindly say, I didn’t have to sell it but…..

Anyway he’s my fiance’s best friend and that’s how we met and I’m freaking out because my fiancé suggested that it sounded cool to him. How do I make this not happen?

Am I being overly picky?

– Dear Miss Not Being Picky, Continue reading →

Aug 7

Stars, Eclipses and Meteorites Inspire Artists and Jewelers

Eclipse pendantLong before I became a jeweler I gazed into space at the stars. And was fascinated by heavenly phenomena. For a while I thought my dad was an Astronomer. It turns out he was an Astrologer. We didn’t live together, so I bonded with him at a distance by star gazing and picturing him doing research for NASA. Nope.

As a jewelry blogger I knew my blogger life would be incomplete without exploring jewelry from other space loving jewelers. I asked Lord Google to show me some examples of heavenly jewelry and I’ll share some of the space jewelry I found on my virtual search. Continue reading →

Aug 4

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” ~ John Wooden Gems of Wisdom

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” ~ John Wooden

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