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The Gift of Diamonds and Mae West

By Calla Gold

Mae West Jewelry Quote

Why I love Mae West

Mae West was bawdy and funny in a time that it was scandalous to be so forward.

I think that is why since I was a little-kid-wannabe-jeweler I’ve always been fascinated by her.

What jeweler doesn’t love a star who loves diamonds and is interesting?

“Goodness what beautiful diamonds!” Goodness had nothing to do with it dearie!”

For more quotes and pictures of her hot self here’s her page.

Wedding sets with white gold and diamonds with criss cross design

Intertwined Design Engagement and Wedding Set

For a more well behaved version of this wedding ring that is shown in the above quote picture, here is the crisscross intertwined engagement ring design.

One More Quote

Love isn’t an emotion or an instinct – it’s an art.
Mae West

And so the jewelry symbolizes your love, make it like art!

Artistic Jewelry Designer Calla Gold


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