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Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s Story

By Calla Gold


Mabe Pearl and Diamond Necklace

Lustrous Mabe Pearl Finds Love Again

Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s story

The phone rang. “Calla Gold Jewelry. This is Calla!”

“You said, ‘wear it, don’t warehouse it,’ and I can’t stop thinking about it.” And so this fun project landed in my lap.

Sometimes You’re Just “Over it!”

“Calla, I’m just tired of it. There’s nothing wrong with it. I used to wear it all the time. But I feel guilty, cause it sits there unworn. But I’m just done with it.” This was Annabelle talking about her mabe pearl ring, that wasn’t being worn anymore.

She toyed with it idly while telling me about it.

Have You Ever Fallen Out of Love With Something That Was a Favorite?

I’d seen this before. Many times. Heck I’ve been there. There was this Calla Lily print I wanted in the worst way. It wasn’t cheap. So I got it for my birthday and was ecstatic about it. Then ten years later I sold it at a yard sale. I was done.

Yeah, I felt guilty. And I think Annabelle felt that way too. So I asked her if we’d polish it up for a re-gifting project or give it a  “jewelry revitalization” and a new purpose? Annabelle said, “whatcha got in mind?”

Mabe Pearl Ring Altered

Mabe Pearl Ring, Whole, then Separated for it’s New Look

It Gets Fun When the Choices Start to Bubble Up

“Hmmmm,” I said, “I could make it into a pendant.”

“Really?” She seemed intrigued. “Then maybe I can give it to my niece, she loves pearls.”

It’s Nice to Use Your Beautified Unworn Jewelry for Gifts

So I found a nice big and decorative bail for the chain to run through. I carefully took the top part with her Mabe pearl and diamonds off the under structure of her ring.

I carefully removed her pearl and soldered on the new bail. After strengthening it and polishing off any rough places, I put the pearl back in. It looked really nice as a pendant.

So Did Her Niece Like it?

Nope, because she never got it. Annabelle fell in love with her Mabe pearl all over again! The great thing about this project is how it’s being worn often after four years of neglect and warehousing.

Hinging Enhancer Bail Let's this Pearl Pendant go Onto Pearls

Annabelle’s  “New” Mabe Pearl Pendant

Five Ways to Know if You Can Convert Your Ring into a Pendant

1. Is there a flat area, so that if the ring shank is removed it’d lay flat against your chest?

2. Is your pearl simply glue set so it’d be easy to remove it while soldering and other heat work that hurts pearls could be done?

3. Do you like the basic design and feel it’d be attractive as a pendant?

4. Would it look good on your pearl necklace? Then have a hinging Enhancer bail put on so it’ll hinge open and go on your pearls. Or any other bead necklaces you have.

5. If you’re not sure if your ring could be converted ask a Jeweler. Then get a second opinion if they say no. It couldn’t hurt. Your ring might look great as a pendant!

What’s the Takeaway Message?

The takeaway idea here? Just because you’re tired of it as a ring doesn’t mean it wouldn’t just rock as a pendant.

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it!

4 thoughts on “Changing a Mabe Pearl Ring to a Pendant – Annabelle’s Story

  1. This mabe pearl conversion to a pendant project reminds me of our first batch of projects. I had three repairs and you asked if I had any non-broken jewelry I wasn’t wearing.
    You looked at my inherited pieces from my mom. Her style was so different from mine.
    I was just storing them to give my daughters one day.
    Calla you said something like, “inherited jewelry has more meaning to the next generation if they see you wearing it and loving it.”
    So we redesigned two pieces because I have two daughters.
    Well I love the new designs, my daughters love them and that they came from their grandmother.
    Did I say this was inspiring? Well I’ve been looking at this awkward piece from my mom that has a really nice ruby and………

    • Sue, I very much enjoyed how getting together for repairs ended up including making your unworn inherited pieces wearable. I’m glad you liked this project, I did too. Now about that ruby, let’s talk!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  2. You have a very fantastic website Calla lily,I noticed it through yahoo. Thanks for the story on what to do with a Mabe Pearl!

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