What can a Personal Jeweler do for you?

Custom Jewelry Design

Unique custom jewelry designed by
Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler Calla Gold

"Calla Gold is the best! She has been designing jewelry for me for over a decade. Not only is she talented and trustworthy, she is a joyful person to be around!"

- Charla, happy customer

Jewelry Repair

Solving problems for neglected or broken jewelry

“Calla has repaired, made and enhanced many of my rings extremely well. My Wedding Ring now has a special catch that makes it bigger to go over my knuckle. I love it!”

- Dee W.

Engagement Ring Design

Custom engagement rings that express your love

"Calla Gold is my personal jeweler and a friend for life. She really understands her clients...I love my ring more and more every day!"

- Lorrie Thomas

Wedding Ring Design

Custom wedding ring design for a lifetime of love and beauty

Antique Jewelry Restoration

Estate jewelry and inherited jewelry revitalized or reimagined for a new generation

Fine Jewelry For Sale

Wide selection of stylish, classic and unique fine gold and silver jewelry. Call (805) 963-4157 to setup an appointment.

Jewelry Organizing Services

Fall in love again with your existing jewelry collection by organizing it



Women in Media Conference – Speaking and Learning

By Calla Gold

Speaking Makes you Think

conference presentations

At The Conference, Ready To Present!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Women in Media Conference at UCSB! As part of the panel “Taking Charge,” I got to share my experiences as a woman in the traditionally male-dominated world of media and technology.

My fellow panel members and I shared wisdom on sexual harassment, negotiating, taking initiative, and speaking up for yourself in professional settings. As someone who had to learn a lot of these difficult lessons on my own, I was thrilled to pass on what I’ve learned to the bright young women in attendance. Continue reading →



Gems of Wisdom: Snake Ring and Plato

By Calla Gold

Gems of Wisdom Snake Ring and Plato

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” ~ Plato

Continue reading →



Dear Calla – Inherited Grandpa’s Ring

By Calla Gold

Dear Calla GoldDear Calla,

My grandad left me his wedding band and my super irresponsible, but lovable, brother wants to know why he didn’t get it. I suspect it’s because he wrecks cars, loses keys, leaves his wallet all over the place, and is the reason they invented “find my iphone.”

Anyway, what can I do to quickly feminize this manly wide band ring so the next time he sees it he’s no longer interested? Did I mention he’s all about body building and a real guys guy? Yeah, he has not gotten in touch with his feminine side yet.

~ The Girly Sister and Grandpa’s Fav Continue reading →

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