Calla Gold Jewelry – Your Personal Santa Barbara Jeweler

what-is-a-personal-jewelerCalla Gold is your Personal Jeweler – visiting you by appointment, or via the internet for distance clients, who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.

Custom Jewelry Design

custom-jewelry-designUnique custom jewelry designed by Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler Calla Gold

“Calla Gold is the best! She has been designing jewelry for me for over a decade. Not only is she talented and trustworthy, she is a joyful person to be around!”

– Charla, happy customer

Jewelry Repair

jewelry-repairSolving problems for neglected or broken jewelry

“Calla has repaired, made and enhanced many of my rings extremely well. I love her!”

– Dee W.

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Engagement Ring Design

trinity-engagement-ringCustom engagement rings that express your love.

“Calla Gold is my personal jeweler and a friend for life. She really understands her clients…I love my ring more and more every day!”

– Lorrie Thomas

Wedding Ring Design

wedding-ring-designCustom wedding ring design for a lifetime of love and beauty.

“I wanted a ring that had a visual relationship with my wife’s. Calla took an element from the hand engraving on her engagement ring, expanded it and used it on my band. Oh yeah, I wanted some black too.”

– J Villegas

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Antique Jewelry Restoration

antique-jewelry-restorationEstate jewelry and inherited jewelry revitalized or reimagined for a new generation.

Fine Jewelry For Sale

fine-jewelry-for-sale-2Wide selection of stylish, classic and unique fine gold and silver jewelry. Call (805) 963-4157 to setup an appointment.

Jewelry Organizing Services

jewelry-organizingJewelry organizing services. From containers to inventorying to organizing, making the most of your jewelry collection is a part of our mission.

“I had duplicate items, things I wasn’t wearing and holes in my collection. Calla did an inventory, organized my jewelry so I could see what I had and wrote up suggestions that we are working our way through.”

– Deb C.

Nov 20
Rose Cut

The Rose Cut Center Diamond Shows the Top Faceting Beautifully. Photo – Jim Salyer

Inherited Older Diamonds and Older Diamonds by Choice

Morgan loved older cut diamonds and when Randy started pointing out perfectly cut round diamonds and asking her what size she liked, she was not into it.

“They’re too glittery and perfect.” She said to Randy.

“Do want one of those rough ones?” He looked dubious.

Craftsmanship of modern round brilliant cut diamonds looks like this. Courtesy GIA

“No, I do want sparkle, just not geometric perfection. I’m an old fashioned girl and I want an old fashioned diamond.”

“Cool.” So Randy called me. And said, “what is the deal with older cuts, how are they different and why are they different?” I was reminded of when my son thought I knew everything and asked me a TON of questions. Ah, I miss that.

This blog and these answers are for Randy. And all the Randy’s out there. Continue reading →

Nov 13
Forever Fit

ForeverFit Saves the Day

Full on Arthritis is Nothing to Sneeze at

Helen had seen her friend’s Finger Mate ring hinge and lamented that she was unable to wear her wedding set.
“Who did your ring?”

Helen asked. “Calla Gold,” Sue replied. And after a shuffle in her purse, a business card was produced.

Figuring Out the Right Big Knuckle Solution Out of Many Possibilities

Knuckle-to-Finger Differential

Measuring the Knuckle to Finger Differential

When Helen and I first met I could see that arthritis was expanding her knuckles enough to make it hard for her to close her hand.

Arthritis is different for different clients. Some have enlarged knuckles and little pain and others unfortunately have both. 

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Nov 6
Jewelry Personality

Illustration From MJSA Article About Finding Your Jewelry Personality, the Calla Gold Jewelry Way. Image Courtesy MJSA Journal – Illustration Sean Kane

More Options in Figuring out Your Jewelry Personality

This post is part two of “What is Your Jewelry Personality.” If you haven’t read part, read it first.

This series is a great way to visually explore your favorite looks and feels in jewelry design.

This is a multi-part series that I’ll keep adding to.

Let’s narrow down some choices to finding your personal style. It’s about your personality, your lifestyle and your taste.

A version of part 1 was featured in  MJSA Journal September 2017! Manufacturers and Jewelers of America.

In this part we’ll dive into metal color combos, width and height for your ring. Continue reading →

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