What can a Personal Jeweler do for you?

Custom Jewelry Design

Unique custom jewelry designed by
Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler Calla Gold

"Calla Gold is the best! She has been designing jewelry for me for over a decade. Not only is she talented and trustworthy, she is a joyful person to be around!"

- Charla, happy customer

Jewelry Repair

Solving problems for neglected or broken jewelry

“Calla has repaired, made and enhanced many of my rings extremely well. My Wedding Ring now has a special catch that makes it bigger to go over my knuckle. I love it!”

- Dee W.

Engagement Ring Design

Custom engagement rings that express your love

"Calla Gold is my personal jeweler and a friend for life. She really understands her clients...I love my ring more and more every day!"

- Lorrie Thomas

Wedding Ring Design

Custom wedding ring design for a lifetime of love and beauty

Antique Jewelry Restoration

Estate jewelry and inherited jewelry revitalized or reimagined for a new generation

Fine Jewelry For Sale

Wide selection of stylish, classic and unique fine gold and silver jewelry. Call (805) 963-4157 to setup an appointment.

Jewelry Organizing Services

Fall in love again with your existing jewelry collection by organizing it



Gems of Wisdom: John Galsworthy White and Roses Wedding Band

By Calla Gold


“Love has no age, no limit; and no death.” ~John Galsworthy

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Jewelry Definition – Knuckle-to-Finger Differential

By Calla Gold

Knuckle-to-Finger DifferentialThe difference in size between the knuckle and the part of the finger where your ring rests is what I call the knuckle-to-finger differential. Continue reading →



Diamond Appraisals from Legit to Toilet Paper – Part 2

By Calla Gold

Loose Cushion cut diamond

This Beautiful Cushion Cut Diamond Deserves a Legit Appraisal!

By Calla Gold and Guest Writer Tom Seguin G.G. A.S.A. Master Gemologist Appraiser

Diamond Appraisals from Legit to Toilet Paper – Part 2

Click Here for Part 1

This in-depth two-part article will make more sense if you at least skim part one before jumping into part two.

This was written in response to frequently asked questions and a proliferation of toilet paper appraisals coming across my desk and my need to do something about it. Continue reading →

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